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How to optimize your images for the web?

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August 25, 2022

There are two ways to add keywords manually and one way to influence the set:

  1. Go to a image / video compress website
  2. Upload, download & rename
  3. Upload your image/video or replace original
  4. Add an alt text
  5. Validate your fix

We'll explain both in this article.

1. Go to a image / video compress website

Already have an image or video in mind you want to use on your website? Make sure to compress your image or video. You can easily do so by going to one of these two website:



2. Upload, download & rename

Once you've arrived on one of the websites listed above:

  1. Upload your file
  2. Download the compressed file
  3. Rename the compressed file if the name has been changed

3. Upload your image/video or replace original

Next, go to your website editor and upload your compressed image or video. If you're replacing an image, make sure to remove the old one completely.

4. Add an alt text

Don't forget to add an alt text to your image or video to tell crawlers what the image or video is about in text.

5. Publish & validate your fix

After publishing your page to the live version of your website, validate your fix. In KeyWI go to the page analytics where you got the warning. Click on "Validate fix" and KeyWI will re-analyse your page hygiene. This can take a few days at the most.

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