How can I invite a user to my organisation?

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March 23, 2021

Time to expand? We love expansion and clusters, thats why our Busy Professional and Ambitious Agency plans come with unlimited users.

We have good news and good news, which do you want first? The good?

Add users during onboarding

During the creation of your organisation you will be asked to add users by entering their email address. Add as many as you want, they will receive an invitation via email. You can skip this question if you're not sure yet. This brings us to the other good news!

Add users after onboarding

If you want to expand your organisation you can do so for free! Adding users never killed nobody. Go to Account settings and then to User Management. Here you are able to add new users, they will receive an email invitation to create an account. That's it, they're able to join your organisation.

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