How to integrate KeyWI with Google Ads?

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May 12, 2022

There are five questions we will answer to fully inform you on KeyWI's integration with Google Ads:

  1. How can I connect KeyWI to Ads?
  2. How can I manage owners, users and permissions in Google Ads?
  3. Why does KeyWI need access?
  4. What data does KeyWI use from Google Ads?
  5. Does KeyWI work without this integration?

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How can I connect KeyWI to Ads?

The first option is to connect during onboarding:
  1. In the first step of the onboarding we ask you to add a name to your project. After naming your project, click on the Sign up with Google button:
Screenshot of KeyWI connect integrations
Screenshot of KeyWI connect integrations
  1. Now a pop-up opens where you have the option to choose an account you want to connect with. Use the account with the website data you want to start with. Please be advised that you can’t connect to Google Ads without a Google account.
  1. Your personal digital marketing assistant needs access to web performance data. By accepting this pop-up you give KeyWI permission to start creating tasks. Make sure to hit the allow button below. We explained why KeyWI needs access to your Google Account here.
Screenshot of KeyWI connect integrations
Screenshot of KeyWI set Google permissions

If you see a red error message after you click Allow saying: unauthorized to make this request, you don’t have enough rights in Google Ads to give access. Continue to the next question or contact your manager, developer or agency who has full rights.

  1. Select the account of the website you want to add in the dropdown and press confirm. Make sure the Google Ads account corresponds with your Google Search Console and Analytics accounts. 
Screenshot of KeyWI integration with Ads

Great! Now you’ve added Google Ads to KeyWI.

Want to make changes to the domain that is linked? Click on ‘Google Ads connected’.

Want to connect with a different Google Account? Click the red button below ‘Switch Google account’. Please be advised that you will need to reconnect all selected integrations.

The second option is to connect via the Account page:

If you want to connect Ads later or change the connection you can do so in the Account page > Integrations.

Beware that connecting an Ads account for a different domain to your personal assistant can confuse the assistant and break it. Instead create a new project and start onboarding again.

How can I manage owners, users and permissions in Ads?

To manage your ads owners, users and permissions you can follow this guide by Google. It also explains how to add and remove users from Ads.

Why does KeyWI need access

To give you digital marketing tasks and share insights in performance in our Analytics dashboard KeyWI needs to analyse data. A lot of valuable data is in Google Ads. Google Ads measures interactions with advertisements, keywords and it has a connection to Keyword Planner. The Keyword planner is used to find new related keywords to use in your content.

A beginner’s guide to Google Ads can be found here.

What data does KeyWI use from Google Ads?

The following data is collected from your Google Ads account:

  • Sessions
  • Conversions
  • Events (coming soon)
  • User activity (coming soon)
  • Time spent (coming soon)
  • User data (coming soon)
  • Geo data (coming soon)
  • Demographics (coming soon)

All data is used in creating a personal search engine marketing assistant for you.

Does KeyWI still work without this integration?

The KeyWI assistant does not work without Google Search Console integration and a Google Ads account connected. To create a personalised search engine marketing assistant we need to understand your target audience, how they search and what content they interact with. This is only possible by connecting these web performance tools.

If you have any questions, send us a message in the chat.

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