How to integrate KeyWI with Google Ads?

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August 8, 2022

There are a few reasons why you might have issues with your Google Ads connection. We'll explain them here.

  1. Don't have a Google Ads account yet?
  2. Don't have access or permission to Google Ads?
  3. Does KeyWI work without this integration?

If you still have questions afterwords, let us know via the chat!

1. Don't have a Google Ads account yet?

After you signing in to your Google account and connecting Search Console, your next step is to add your Google Ads account. Why? We need to access your keyword planner to find new relevant keywords for you. KeyWI does this every week over and over again. But what if you do not yet have an Ads account... Follow the next steps, you don't need to run any ads or pay anything to add your Ads account.

  • Create an Ads account
    Go to Google Ads and log in to your Google business account. After logging in you will see the following screen:
Screenshot of Google Ads sign up
Screenshot of Google Ads sign up
  • Switch to expert mode
    Next, you will be asked to fill out a ton of questions.. You don't actually need to, just switch to expert mode.
  • Create account without campaign
    The next step is to click on create account without campaign.
Screenshot of Google Ads Sign up
Screenshot of Google Ads Sign up

2. Don't have access or permission to Google Ads?

If you do already have Google Ads for your business, but still can't find it in KeyWI, it could be that you do not have access or the right permissions.

There are a few steps to take to check if you have access and permission:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the upper right corner of your account, click the tools icon, then under Setup, click Access and security.
  3. Click the plus button.
  4. Select an access level for your invitee, then enter their email address.
  5. Click Send invitation.

If you can't get to this point, you don't have access and need to be invited by someone. Check if you might be using a different mail address for ads, you can invite as many users as you want.

To change the access level of a user:

  • Place your cursor over a user's access level in the Access level column, then click the arrow that appears to select a new access level for the user.

For a full guide to access and permissions in Google Ads, read this support article by Google.

3. Does KeyWI still work without this integration?

The KeyWI assistant does not work without Google Search Console integration and a Google Ads account connected. To create a personalised search engine marketing assistant we need to understand your target audience, how they search and what content they interact with. This is only possible by connecting these web performance tools. Want to learn more? A beginner’s guide to Google Ads can be found here.

If you have any questions, send us a message in the chat.

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