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How can I save my clustering?

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March 23, 2021

Great question! We got you covered, when you're in the clustering view there is a button with an arrow downwards in the right top corner. What is the clustering view? Well, go to Clusterings in the side menu and then open the clustering you want and there you are.

Screenshot of export clustering option in KeyWI
Screenshot of clustering visualisation

See the button in the right top corner? The one with the arrow indeed. Go ahead and try it out.

There are two options for exporting a clustering:

  1. You are able to export a cluster or subset of the clustering. By selecting a cluster, click on one for example. You can export that cluster and its sub clusters.
  2. You can also export the complete clustering by selecting nothing at all or the root cluster (the black origin).

Both will give you a CSV file which you can open in Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers for example.

Looking for other ways to export or save? Let us know and we'll add them to our roadmap.

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