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How can I cancel my subscription?

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July 21, 2021

Really... It's too bad to hear this news. Are you really leaving us? We just want to say, we enjoyed having you. Luckily, you can pause or quit your subscription very easily.

Just log in to your account and go to account settings. Next, go to Subscription and scroll all the way down. Here you'll find the magic button that ends your misery. We have an end of month condition to quitting, this means you'll be able to finish this month since you already paid for it. We will not renew your subscription any longer.

KeyWI's cancel subscription page
Screenshot of Subscription settings page

Made up your mind, want to stay? We are so happy to hear that, again go to your Subscription settings and restart the subscription. Want to start over with a clean sheet? Create a new account.

Looking for a more permanent removal of your KeyWI account? Send us a message at and we'll delete your account forever.

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