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How can I add a new Keyword set?

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March 24, 2021

You can upload a new file containing keywords and search volume by clicking the plus icon in the side bar. The file should be a .CSV format and contain two inputs: keywords and search volume.

Follow the steps after clicking 'New' and then 'Keyword Set'. You can drag 'n drop the .CSV file in the dropbox. Next, you can choose which language, google domain and country you want to analyse the keywords in. Important here is to choose the settings your customers will be using. Then you'll get the insights you need. For example, I have a keyword set with English keywords for a Dutch customer audience. Then use the settings: English, Netherlands and

After you've uploaded the file, you can still make changes before we start gathering data. You can change keywords, add and remove keywords and confirm your file. This is where we count the keywords you want to analyse, and check you credits.

We will enrich your keywords with the search engine data that is needed to continue.

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