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How can I add a new Keyword set to Clustering tool?

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June 24, 2022

There are three ways to add a keyword set:

  1. Upload a .csv file in KeyWI
  2. Copy & paste keyword set in KeyWI
  3. Generate keyword set in KeyWI

For all three you start by clicking on the '+' icon with 'New' below it. Then you will get the choice of the above mentioned ways to add a keyword set.

New keyword set options screen in keywi
New Keyword Set menu in KeyWI

Uploading a .csv file in KeyWI

You can upload a new file containing keywords and search volume by clicking the plus icon in the side bar. The file should be a .CSV format and contain two inputs: keywords and search volume.

Follow the steps after clicking 'New' and then 'Keyword Set'. You can then drag 'n drop the .CSV file in the dropbox.

how to upload a csv file in to keywi
How to upload a .csv file in KeyWI

Make sure to add a file containing both keywords and search volumes. If you don't upload search volume we will set the volume to zero by default. Please upload at least 50 unique keywords to make our algorithm perform optimally.

You can also directly drag 'n drop a keyword set file in to the keyword set page, it's a huge dropbox. Try it out!

Copy & paste keyword set in KeyWI

The second option is to copy & paste keywords and search volumes from a sheet like Excel of Google Sheets. Make sure each row contains both a keyword and search volumes. If you don't upload search volume we will set it to zero by default.

how to copy paste keyword set in keywi gif
How to copy & paste a keyword set into KeyWI

When copy pasting, check if there is a constant delimiter between the keyword and search volume. Normally, this happens correctly automatically. Also make sure to add at least 50 unique keywords or more.

Generate keyword set in KeyWI

The third and most awesome option is to let KeyWI generate a keyword set with volumes for you. The only thing you need is a Google Ads Account connection. No worries this is super easy. We will ask you to sign in to Google and create the connection for you. KeyWI will not use your connection for anything else than keyword generation.

Generate keyword set screen in keywi
Generate keyword set in KeyWI

Based on at least 5 seed keywords, we will generate a keyword set up to the amount of keywords you would like to have. Of course this depends on how much we can find, see it as the maximum we will try to generate. We will provide you with a preview in the next screen so you have an idea of what we found. Don't like what you see, go back and change the inspiration you gave KeyWI.

What's next?

Next, you can choose which language, google domain and country you want to analyse the keywords in. Important here is to choose the settings your customers will be using. Then you'll get the insights you need. For example, I have a keyword set with English keywords for a Dutch customer audience. Then use the settings: English, Netherlands and

We will enrich your keywords with the search engine data that is needed to cluster the keywords and predict the intention.


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