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May 12, 2022

There are three questions we will answer to fully inform you on KeyWI's integration with Google accounts:

  1. What permissions do I need to give KeyWI?
  2. Why does KeyWI need access to AdWords, Search Console & Analytics?
  3. Does KeyWI work without this integration?

If you still have questions afterwords, let us know!

What permissions do I need to give KeyWI?

There are three standard permissions you always need to grant when giving someone access to your Google account. In the screenshot below you can see which three cannot be toggled. These are basic account permissions to see your account information and associate you when logging in with your Google information.

The others are the most important ones to be able to connect KeyWI with your Google Ads, Analytics and Search Console accounts: 

  1. See and download your Google Analytics data
  2. View and manage your Google Analytics data
  3. Manage your Adwords campaigns
  4. View and manage Search Console data for your verified sites

If you follow the Learn more link you will find out more information about your personal settings when it comes to privacy and security.

Why does KeyWI need access to AdWords, Search Console & Analytics?

The reason we need to access your Google AdWords, Search Console & Analytics accounts is to understand the search landscape in which your domain is operating. A search landscape defines the relevant keywords related to the topics your website covers. Being able to understand the current state, finding related keywords and receiving feedback on the tasks KeyWI suggests are needed to create a digital marketing assistant for you.

Screenshot of KeyWI connect integrations
Screenshot of KeyWI set Google permissions

With these permissions KeyWI is able to discover and create a keyword set, suggest new tasks you should perform and show crystal clear insights in our dashboard. You will no longer need access to third party tools to find new keywords, do keyword research or cluster topics.

Does KeyWI still work without this integration?

The KeyWI assistant does not work without Google Search Console integration and a Google Ads account connected. To create a personalised search engine marketing assistant we need to understand your target audience, how they search and what content they interact with. This is only possible by connecting these web performance tools.

If you have any questions, send us a message in the chat.

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