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Google API permissions & data usage

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August 25, 2021

There are three questions we will answer to fully inform you on KeyWI's integration with Google accounts:

  1. What permissions do I need to give KeyWI?
  2. Why does KeyWI need access to AdWords?
  3. Does KeyWI work without this integration?

If you still have questions afterwords, let us know!

What permissions do I need to give KeyWI?

There are three standard permissions you always need to grant when giving someone access to your Google account. In the screenshot below you can see which three cannot be toggled. These are basic account permissions to see your account information and associate you when logging in with your Google information.

Screenshot of KeyWI asking connection permission to Google account
Screenshot of KeyWI asking permission

The last one is the most important one to be able to connect KeyWI with your Google Ads account: Manage your Adwords campaigns. If you follow the Learn more link you will find out more information about your personal settings when it comes to privacy and security.

Why does KeyWI need access to AdWords?

The only reason we need to access your Google AdWords account is to be able to use your Keyword Planner. We will never make changes to your Ads campaigns or create new ones. We will only discover new keywords via this API.

Screenshot of KeyWI asking connection permission to AdWords
Screenshot of permission to AdWords from KeyWI

With this permission you are able to discover and create keyword sets within KeyWI on the go. You will no longer need access to third party tools to find new keywords. Of course you can still do so if you want to discover even more keywords we did not find.

Does KeyWI still work without this integration?

Hell yeah, you are still able to do almost anything with KeyWI without this integration. Easily upload or copy-paste your keyword sets and cluster, predict intention, view ranks etc.

The only thing you will not be able to do is to generate keyword sets within KeyWI. In the future we will add more integrations, which may also aid in generating keywords without Google connections.


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