What are tasks and how do I create one?

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March 23, 2021

Tasks are like to-do's, but then tasks. We added these so you can remind yourself or others of actions you or they need to take. There are two ways to create a task.

Creating a task in the clustering visualisation

The first is to go to a clustering and right-click on a cluster. The menu has an option to 'Create task'. A pop up will show, asking you to name the task, add an assignee, label, description and keywords. The last will be automatically added based on the cluster you selected. After clicking the 'Create' button your new task will be saved to your tasks list visible to your organisation.

Screenshot of KeyWI create task menu
Screenshot of KeyWI Create task menu

Creating a task in the Tasks page

The second option is to go to your Tasks page and add a new task by clicking the round plus button. Again, a pop up will show and ask you to add all the stuff you need in your task. You will be able to sort your tasks and mark them as done.

Screenshot of KeyWI Tasks page
Screenshot of KeyWI Tasks page

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