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How can I upgrade or change my subscription plan?

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March 23, 2021

Looking for an up- or downgrade? No worries, we got you covered. You can change at any time.

Go to your Account settings and then to Subscription. Choose upgrade or downgrade. Don't forget to check out our neat reduction if you go annual.

Upgrade opportunities of KeyWI page
Screenshot of upgrade opportunities page

Next you will see an overview of your selection and a confirmation button. That's all, you've changed your subscription.

Payment information

When you upgrade to a higher tier, you will receive extra credits for the month you are currently in topping up to your new subscription. For example, you change from Curious Marketeer to Busy Professional. You will now go from monthly 1.500 keywords to 10.000. 💥 If you already used 500 keywords that month you will be topped up to 9.500, as if you were already a Busy Professional that month. We will add the difference of payment to your next invoice. In this example you will change from €49,- to 149,-. So your first invoice will be €249,- and after that it will be €149,-.

In case of a downgrade, you will finish your current month with the credits of your current subscription. Next month you will downgrade both in payment and in credits.

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