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How to speed up your keyword research?

June 24, 2021
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Speed up keyword research with KeyWI

In this article we will explain how you can stop wasting your time on extensive keyword analysis and start being creative directly. We will do so by answering the following questions:

  1. Am I wasting time on keyword analyses?
  2. How to speed up my keyword analysis?
  3. What results will I achieve with a faster and data-driven analysis?

After reading this, you will be ready to start being creative like an online marketeer should be.

Am I wasting time on keyword analyses?

In previous blog posts we have explained how to perform a keyword analysis, in case you missed it. Many online marketeers use a large portion of their time to gather & analyse keywords for their clients or organisation. While preferably that time could and should be spent on strategy and creativity. First, let's find out if you are wasting your time in the current methods you have for keyword analysis.

We have created a small checklist to find out how much time you are wasting currently. Answer the questions below for yourself and you will know.

  1. Are you using (multiple) tools to find an extensive list of keywords, covering a certain topic?
  2. Are you extracting or guessing which intention people have when using these keywords?
  3. Are you comparing the ranking of different competitors for certain keywords?
  4. Are you grouping or clustering your keywords by hand or with excel formula's?
  5. Are co-workers double checking one of the actions mentioned above?

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions above, you are probably wasting your time on processes that can be done much faster. If you answered no to 3 or more questions, you are either forgetting important parts of a keyword analysis leading to more time investment or you have found ways to automate this process.

How can I speed up my keyword analysis?

There are many ways to speed up keyword analyses, however most lead to a decrease of quality. So what can you do to speed things up while keeping quality high or even improving your keyword analysis outcome. In our eyes there is only one option, becoming data-driven. Yes, we know many of you are already data-driven. Please read our blog about data-inspired vs. data-driven keyword analysis.

Create data-driven keyword analyses

The first part of your analysis will stay the same, you use your brain, expertise and tools to create an extensive list of keywords concerning your topic. This should be easy, do not filter out too much. Keep everything in you think has a link to your clients website or topic.

Next, upload the keywords to KeyWI and let us speed things up. How?

  1. First, we gather data and enrich your keywords. The data consists of search volume, intention, competition and more.
  2. Second, we create links between keywords with our trained algorithm. This part would take you the longest, besides we use search engine logic to find the strength of links between keywords.
  3. Third, we cluster or group your keywords together based on these links. Giving you insights in both site structures and on-page content potentials.
  4. Fourth, you get to go bananas with your marketing strategy.

The greatest part of all is you can do something else with the time we saved you. Interested in more information, check our pricing plans?

What results will I achieve with a faster data-driven analysis?

Let's look at this question from two sides, first the faster part and second the data-driven part.

Faster analysis

A faster keyword analysis, while quality remains high, may lead to several benefits. We have listed a few of them below.

Faster leads to:

  1. More time to spend on actual online marketing strategy
  2. Able to increase the number of keywords analysed
  3. Able to increase the number of analyses done in total
  4. More clients in same amount of time

Data-driven leads to:

  1. Improved quality of analysis, which leads to improved results
  2. A standardised quality throughout organisation, no more double checking
  3. Stop depending on expertise or niche industry knowledge
  4. Adopting new tech, which can be used as USP in your organisation

We hope you enjoyed our blog, if you have any questions please let us know. If you're looking for a tool that helps you to enrich keywords with data and create clusters automatically, while keeping intention in mind check out our tool: KeyWI.

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