How it works?

Our data science approach to this SEO challenge has led to a new innovative way of thinking about SEO and applying it. The main steps of our approach are explained below. A step by step guide can be found in our blog.

the inside of the keywi robot shown to illustrate how it works
A list of keywords with search volumes by keywi

It starts with keyword research

You start by gathering keywords about your client, company, topics or anything relevant to your SEO project. Make an extensive list of keywords, don't be shy. Want to improve your keyword research steps? Read on..

Access data on a large scale

Next, you will need data. A lot of it. Each keyword has its own search intention, results, snippets, images, etc. We grab this data for you to understand how search engines interpret the keywords.

Search keyword similarity illustration by
four types of search intentions for the keywi tool

Predict search intentions

Use our predicted keyword search intentions to optimise your goals. Looking for customers to buy your products? Then focus on commercial and transactional keywords. We predict search intention based on the search engine data.

Cluster keywords based on similarity

The next step in the process is to combine keywords based on their similarity, this is also known as keyword clustering or keyword grouping. As a result keywords that search engines find similar to each other are grouped. Giving you insights in which keywords to use in your on-page content.

An illustration of a large keyword clustering by
fit keywi in your workflow with many connections

Fit KeyWI into your workflow

The last step remaining is fitting KeyWI into your workflow. You already create extensive lists of keywords and you write content or outsource this. Between these two parts is where KeyWI fits in. Base your site structure and on-page content (briefs) on our analysis.

Get started in 3 easy steps

Are you ready to try KeyWI or are you looking for more information?

A keyword list drawing with background
1. Create a long list of keywords
A flowchart of keyword clustering with background
2. Let KeyWI do its speedy magic
A to do list for content creation
3. Start creating your online content