Topic clustering based on math

One of KeyWI's features is topic clustering. Many SEO specialists cluster keywords based on language similarities. KeyWI only looks at search engine data, want to know more?

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Find clusters of similar keywords

KeyWI is a keyword clustering tool that groups keywords similar in the eyes of search engines. This online clustering tool saves you a lot of time wasted in Excel sheets. The most topic clustering tools use NLP (Natural Language Processing) for their grouping techniques. We do not believe they can equal the NLP of search engines.

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How KeyWI clusters topics?

The way KeyWI clusters keywords into topics is based on data-science. For each keyword we gather insights from search engines to find similarities. This is a mathematical approach to a language problem. Keywords are grouped that generate similar results and have the same intentions.

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Start your topic cluster strategy

Get ready to start your data-driven SEO strategy. It al starts with a goal and keywords. Turn your keywords into a topic cluster strategy, which can help you create your content calendar. You can even create a ai powered site structure with KeyWI.

One of the KeyWI features is our keyword clustering tool. Would you like to learn more about keyword clustering? Take a look at our blog section about clustering.

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