Search intent prediction at your fingertips

Understand the intention someone has when using a certain keyword. Start writing content that matters to your audience.

four types of search intentions for the keywi tool

Understand why people search

KeyWI is a search intent tool that accurately predicts the reason why people search. Use search intent predictions to create a product page when people want to buy. Understand when to write content that gives answers to questions or pictures for inspiration.

The context menu in keywi showing keywords in clusters and their search intentions
four types of search intentions for the keywi tool

How KeyWI predicts intent?

With KeyWI you have search intent at your fingertips. After finding your keywords, we gather search data for each and every single keyword you want. We turn this data into search intent predictions with our machine learning algorithms to show you what people want. Our algorithm for intent is trained with experts and professionals so you do not have to think about it.

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KeyWI predicts four search intentions

In SEO there are four keyword search intentions people widely use. These all indicate different reasons why people use certain keywords. These four search intentions are: informational intent, navigational intent, commercial investigation intent, transactional intent.

One of the KeyWI features is our search intent tool. Would you like to learn more about search intent and how it works? Take a look at our blog section AI in SEO with an article about search intention.

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