From idea to new content in minutes instead of hours

Receive new ideas based on your search console data and start creating truly valuable data faster.

Three ways to always improve your content with KeyWI

One point of inspiration for content marketing.
Data-driven and centralised search optimisation.


Find new content ideas based on your performance data

KeyWI learns from your visitors and continuously discovers new opportunities specifically for you.

Content ideas from keywi based on search console


Kickstart your content creation with pre-filled briefings

Start creating content faster with our auto-generated content briefings. Create a briefing in matter of minutes. Invite your copywriter or just send the briefing over.

KeyWI's AI driven content outline builder tool


Learn how to improve your existing content

Content can be thin or outdated, meaning it would benefit from some touch ups now and then. KeyWI let's you know when to improve and how.

Analytics dashboards for digital marketing by KeyWI


Receive SEO improvement suggestions

Sometimes you did everything right... but your content is still not paying off. You might have some issues on your page. For example, your meta title is not in line with the search intent or Google cannot index your page. Learn how to improve your SEO.

KeyWI's seo improvement suggestions

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