Data-driven content that ranks with KeyWI

Never be without content for your website. Create data-driven content faster with higher results.

Optimise content

Create content faster with auto-generated & optimised content

Use data-driven insights to identify opportunities for new content ideas and optimise existing content
Quickly create, improve & rewrite high-quality content with AI-assistance
Improve your search engine rankings and attract more website visitors
KeyWI's ai content editor with quick blog actions
Keywi content performance dashboard
Content performance

Easy dashboards for content performance insights

Understand how your content performs in real life. Stop interpreting complicated search console or analytics dashboards. Get a one stop shop for your content performance insights.

Content specific insights
Keep track of competitors
Advanced data analysis

AI-powered SEO specialist at your fingertips

From keyword research & competitor analysis to content opportunities, KeyWI does the heavy lifting for you. We have developed multiple AI algorithms with online marketing professionals to give you the tools you need.

Automatic keyword research
Topic clustering: semantic network
KeyWI's topic clustering algorithm visually shown

That's not all! 

Create better content faster with these features.

invite team members in keywi

Invite team members

Invite a copywriter or other specialists and work together.

Outsource content creation

Let KeyWI take care of your content creation. We'll find a perfect fit.

Request copywriter in keywi

SEO optimisation tasks

Receive suggestions to improve your existing content and site.

KeyWI's seo improvement suggestions

Track your progress

Set your goals for this week and start keeping track of your to-do's.

Track progress of your content in keywi

Auto generated content

Receive suggestions for headers, paragraphs, meta title & more

Assign task to user in keywi

Assign tasks

Improve your team's productivity by assigning tasks and track progress.

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