KeyWI offers a single SaaS tool with three built in solutions. All three features of the tool are explained below. Our data-driven keyword tool is constantly being improved and further developed.

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four types of search intentions for the keywi tool

Search intent

Understand the intention someone has when using a certain keyword. Write informational content when people look for facts or inspiration, or product descriptions when people look for products.

Topic clustering

Cluster keywords based on their topic, not with Natural Language Processing (NLP) but based on search engine data. Understand how search engines combine keywords based on search behaviour.

A topic clustered keyword set illustration by keywi.io
A sitemap structure illustration by keywi.io

Sitemap creation

Build a logical site structure based on the clustered keywords. Gain insights in which clusters are related and which are not. A logical sitemap is beneficial for search engine ranking.

Keyword visibility

Instantly receive a snapshot of how visible your website is today. Learn how to improve visibility with KeyWI.

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Get started in 3 easy steps

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1. Create a long list of keywords
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2. Let KeyWI do its speedy magic
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3. Start creating your online content