Curious Marketeer?

Freelancer or in-house marketeer for small brands and companies. Working on smaller keyword sets or niche sectors? Looking for new opportunities to improve your quality and efficiency? Check out what KeyWI can do for you.

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Perform accurate keyword analyses, even for small sets

Be able to start on your creative marketing tasks directly, let us create an ai-driven keyword analysis. Even for small sets, no more time wasted on research and comparing.

Extend your possibilities and increase the number of keywords

Use KeyWI to extend your possibilities, start analysing more keywords in less time. Take on bigger projects while maintaining high level quality.

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  • Add up to 1.500 keywords monthly
  • Analyse 500 keywords per set
  • Receive keyword intent insights

Get started in 3 easy steps

Are you ready to try KeyWI or are you looking for more information?

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1. Create a long list of keywords
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2. Let KeyWI do its speedy magic
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3. Start creating your online content