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Building a completely new website for a widely spread and highly competitive topic

This online marketing agency started from scratch by using KeyWI for their keyword analysis. Immediately the time saving opportunity became clear. Creating a data-driven site structure, content calendar and defining the perfect search intent had never been so easy and led to amazing results for both the agency and the client.

  1. Data-driven site structure
  2. Instant sorted content calendar
  3. Perfect search intent predictions
Results of yonego usecase from keywi

Data-driven site structure

The female cycle topics are incredibly diverse and personal. Creating a logical internal linking structure by using SEO silo’s would have taken us at least a full week to do by hand. By using KeyWI’s suggested clusters we have made this process data-driven and ready within a day, saving us +80% on time spend. 

Instant sorted content calendar

With a subject so diverse and widely searched, the question ‘What content to write?’ becomes a difficult one: there is so much to write about and every subject is highly relevant. By using KeyWI to determine the subjects and priorities, this discussion has been completely eliminated. Additionally, keyword focus, required internal linking, keyword volumes were instantly defined. 

Perfect search intent predictions

Matching the search intent of a user is absolutely essential to not just rank well, but also high conversion. By using KeyWI’s data on search intent, we have eliminated both personal bias and a heap of manual work on determining intent per keyword and per article. Again KeyWI streamlined the process of creating content.

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Brand new website
+20.000 visitors

With so many questions about this personal topic it can be very challenging to define a content calendar or a logical website structure. How can we implement a data-driven strategy whilst saving time? And what about the search intent?

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