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Kickstarting the content creation process & start ranking for important keywords

Sumting is a digital platform focused on healing our planet. Their team is working hard to make contributing to nature restoration projects more transparent and rewarding. Being a small team, it's easy to push SEO and content creation to the background, even though they know how critical it is in the long run. Read what the founding team of Sumting says about KeyWI.

  1. Reduce SEO research time
  2. Kickstart content creation
  3. Understanding keyword performance
Result KeyWI for Sumting website
Result KeyWI for Sumting website

Reduce SEO research time

Knowing where to start with your Search Engine Optimisation is a cold start problem. It takes time to understand the basics of SEO, before you can actually start creating. The tasks KeyWI recommends and the support their team offers removed a great deal of this cold start. We are spending around 80% less time on keyword researching due to the KeyWI assistant’s automated recommendations.

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Kickstart content creation

With a subject so diverse as ours the question arises, where to start creating content..? Within minutes after the initial setup, KeyWI analysed our, and our competitors’ websites, and provided valuable recommendations on content topics. No more need for competitor analysis, content gap analyses and other time consuming activities: we could start creating our blogs. We receive four suggestions each week from the KeyWI assistant. You can snooze them for later, or teach the system by marking them irrelevant and receiving a new one.

Understanding keyword performance

Our core focus is to get as many businesses and individuals to contribute to our nature restoration projects. But in doing so, we need to make sure those that want to do good, can actually find our website. Channeling that group into our shared goal requires a steep increase in search traffic. KeyWI’s easy analytics dashboard helps us to understand keyword ranking and track our performance over time. This helps to identify both our strengths and improvement areas.

Learn more about Sumting?

Want to know more about Sumting and the way they make contributing to nature restoration more transparent and rewarding? Search for Sumting and visit their website.

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