Moving from qualitative to quantitative in the SEO strategy for LeasePlan

LeasePlan, on a mission to offer innovative & sustainable solutions for car leasing for anyone, has become a client of KeyWI. The marketing team at LeasePlan has been using KeyWI for a while now and is happy to share their experience with our product. We spoke to Anton, Head of Content and SEO at LeasePlan, part of a team of 4 SEO specialists and a few content managers and copywriters. Read all about it below.

  1. From qualitative to quantitative in SEO
  2. New insights in search behaviour

From qualitative to quantitative in SEO

The team is responsible for the search engine optimisation and content creation of the LeasePlan website. The created content does not only serve the purpose of attracting more organic traffic. A lot of the content is created, with a performance focus, to boost the lead generation of LeasePlan. The organic and paid team work together closely as the belief of working in silos is of the past. To give you an idea of how we go about our SEO strategy I’ll talk a bit about a more recent project. We recently started working on our EV section, electrical vehicles. LeasePlan writes about everything concerning electric driving, to answer all questions. Our team starts projects by gathering data, talking to manufacturers, consumers and stakeholders. From these conversations we learned that we currently do not answer all the questions these people have. This is what we call the qualitative research part, so how do we move to quantitative research? We believe we have formed a general understanding now, but how do we confirm our hypothesis with data?

Screenshot of LeasePlan's topic cluster
Screenshot of LeasePlan's topic cluster

We focussed on getting trend data and intent of keywords, but the next step for us was to start using KeyWI for understanding the clusters of topics within electric vehicles. Now it became apparent that there was a clear pattern of topics which are important to our clients for which our content was not sufficient yet, backing up our initial qualitative hypothesis. The second, for us very important, way of using KeyWI is identifying which clusters of keywords the competitors are ranking higher for and what content they created within these keyword clusters. Especially when we find out it’s content we do not yet have, we know it’s time to create content. Thanks to KeyWI clustering and research we have a clear dissection of the Electric Vehicle topic and know what content to create. Based on our research we have created 12-15 pages evolving around the topic of EV driving. It gave us new insights in what we are doing, backed by hard data and that is very valuable to us.

New insights in search behaviour

Other tools we use in our research are Google trends data, Answer the public and Something we really try to avoid is pseudo-data and that is why we do not necessarily use the most popular tools. This is an important criteria for us when considering using new tools. Another example of how we gained insights we did not have before is in the different perspectives keywords can have. You can say over time we have become experts, not only in SEO, but also in the automotive industry. However, there are still topics for which the search behaviour is difficult to truly understand. By analysing the keywords and the clusters you start understanding how people actually search. Think about all the different ways people search for a single topic. Finding out which keywords belong together, or have a similar search intent, is important for the content creation process & on-page SEO. We found out about KeyWI accidentally via LinkedIn. I started reading these Moz articles about why clustering is important and how to do this in excel with your business data, but this takes time. Bumping into KeyWI solved this for us, KeyWI really automates the full clustering of keywords and adds a bunch of extra features in their tool as well.

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