Layco: reusable & affordable medical devices

Adding an extra member to our marketing team with KeyWI

Layco, a medical device company, aims to develop affordable and reusable medical devices without compromising quality. The current focus of this medical startup is developing an affordable Video Laryngoscope for low- and middle income countries. Understanding how their target audience searches for a device with such a difficult name, gave them insights in how to start creating content. KeyWI was able to become the extra pair of hands they could really use in their marketing efforts. How? Read all about the personal experience of Layco's founders below.

  1. SEO research made easy
  2. New insights in search behaviour
  3. Easy to understand content to-do's
Result KeyWI for Layco website
Result KeyWI for Layco website

SEO research made easy

Starting your SEO strategy is a lot like starting your business. You start out with researching and understanding the playing field. You need to research what your customers are looking for, where your competitors are dominating and where there is room for you to start. When creating a project in the KeyWI assistant a large part of that research is done for you. This made it a lot easier for us to understand how to start our SEO strategy.

Founders of Layco Medical

New insights in search behaviour

Within the medical world there are multiple ways to find the information or products you are looking for online. There is the medical term, that leads to a more clinical or informative result. There is the commercial term, which takes you to a more consumer and business focussed result. Finding out which keywords should be used for certain goals helped us create resonating content. When you want to inform people, about for example a "Laryngoscope", who never heard of that term you can write all you want but they won't find you. The insights in search behaviour are very useful to have before you start creating content.

Easy to understand content to-do's

The recommendations KeyWI gives us about the new content we should create are easy and understandable. Although it's convenient to have some experience in marketing, it becomes very easy to do search marketing yourself now. You can start creating new content weekly or optimise your existing content with KeyWI's suggestions. You decide which tasks you take on this week. It's really as easy as that.

Learn more about Layco?

Want to know more about Layco and the way they make healthcare more affordable and sustainable? Search for Layco and visit their website.

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