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Informer, accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and individual entrepreneurs, aimed at simplifying and automating the accounting process as much as possible. Operating in the Netherlands, Austria and Germany they are always looking for innovative ways to make the life of their marketing team easier. Read about their experiences and how they:

  1. Determine a content strategy on the go
  2. Create content without years of marketing experience

Determine a content strategy on the go

Informer's marketing team is small and comprises of an all-round marketer and a SEA marketer. In the past, we relied solely on our copywriter to decide what content to create. However, we soon discovered that this approach didn't always lead to the best results. Since we operate in different countries we need to keep in mind language specificity, cultural differences, and local nuances.

Creating content that is engaging and valuable for an international audience can be challenging. Analysing data to determine what content resonates with your audience and drives conversions could help us out here. However, that process can be time consuming and difficult, particularly for a small team with limited time resources.

Our efforts are wide spread:

  • Research and set out a paid and organic content strategy
  • Create new SEO proof content and ads
  • Create and maintain newsletter content
  • Setup advertising on multiple platforms
  • Track and measure our marketing performance
  • etc.

Since we focus on a wide set of marketing efforts, it's important to be able to prioritise while being flexible. Like many entrepreneurs, I am always searching for new ways to empower our team and drive business growth. I was intrigued by the idea of using a tool to determine what content to create and create it more efficiently. As someone who previously relied on a dedicated copywriter, I was excited to see how this approach could help us set out a data-driven content strategy in minutes.

Informer new client of KeyWI

Create content without years of marketing experience

I have to admit, in the beginning it was a bit of an experiment to test whether our team, who have little to zero experience in copywriting, could create valuable content using KeyWI. However, I was impressed by the level of guidance and support the software provided to our team, enabling them to write engaging content that resonates with our audience.

The exciting aspect of this is that our customer support team is now also able to create content, leveraging their experience of working with our users to develop relevant and valuable content. It's a useful addition, as they have a deep understanding of the user's needs and can create content that is tailored to their unique requirements with KeyWI's guidance in SEO.

We now choose 1-3 topics from KeyWI's suggestions and turn them into a briefing with one click. I then assign someone in the team and they can start writing content with an outline in place. Besides, the incorporation of GPT-3 is a game changer for the content creation. KeyWI's content actions help to speed up the process of writing and researching a topic.

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