Busy professional?

Become a data-driven team and work on the same projects building the best website, content and keeping you clients happy. Improve teamwork and deliver your clients high value with our busy professionals plan. Check out what KeyWI can do for you.

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Deliver higher value and utilise more keywords

Deliver higher quality work in less time, while analysing more keywords. KeyWI compares keywords and value by utilising Search Engine logic in minutes.

Start growing with the same number of employees

Start looking for more clients and ignite your growth. The greatest deal of work will be taken out of hands by KeyWI.

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  • Analyse 10.000 keywords monthly
  • Analyse 1.500 keywords per set
  • Receive keyword intent insights
  • Add unlimited number of users

Get started in 3 easy steps

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1. Create a long list of keywords
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2. Let KeyWI do its speedy magic
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3. Start creating your online content