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Sam van Houten
August 8, 2022
3 min read

In a small marketing or SEO team there are too many tasks to divide. Often most time is spent on doing keyword research and creating new content. That's why analysing your search performance does not happen. Even though this can result in a lot of useful information to improve your marketing research and creation. Thats right, we are a great fan of continuously analysing and iterating. Constantly check where your are performing well and where you can still improve. It is not as easy as it sounds, especially when multiple people are given a part of this task. That's exactly why KeyWI has launched a new feature that will help you analyse your search performance better.

In this post you will read:

  1. How to analyse your keyword performance? 
  2. How can I start analysing keywords with KeyWI?

How to analyse your keyword performance?

In KeyWI there is a section called, Analytics, where you will find the status of your visibility. We understand continuously tracking your keyword performance does not fit you schedule. That's why we launched a new feature: keyword analytics. 🥳

Screenshot of KeyWI's keyword dashboards
Screenshot of KeyWI's keyword dashboards

In this section a variety of keyword insights are available:

  • Number of keywords ranking top 1-3
  • Number of keywords ranking top 4-10
  • Number of keywords ranking top 11-20
  • Number of keywords that rank, but 20+
  • Split of ranking keywords
  • Average rank of your keywords
  • Number of impressions for your keywords
  • Number of clicks to your website from your keywords
  • Click through ratio of your keywords (clicks vs. impressions)

Besides all these insights, you can add keywords to your "favourites". Now you are able to track the performance of important keywords in the blink of an eye. We rather focus on the number of keywords that rank for a certain position, instead of the average of all keywords. Why? Because you want to rank for as much relevant keywords as possible in the top 10. If you focus on averages, you will take into account irrelevant keywords too. Less interesting we would say.

How can I start analysing keywords with KeyWI?

Would you like to start analysing your keyword performance? The only thing you need to do, is follow these 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for a KeyWI trial
  2. Connect your Search Console, Google Ads, and Analytics (optional).
  3. Let us know which keywords are (ir)relevant
  4. Start analysing your keywords right away

Try it in our 14 day free trial

Ready to try this new feature out? Don't worry, there are no costs involved. Just sign up here and start your free 14 day trial. Save time in research, start creating! Rather schedule a demo first, no problem!

Need any help? Let us know via the chat!

Sam van Houten co-founder KeyWI
Sam van Houten

Sam van Houten is Co-Founder of KeyWI, has an educational background in data science and is always eager to learn new stuff. Together with the KeyWI team he has been busy developing SEO software and understanding how to use code to automate and smarten SEO tasks.

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