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Ready to spend your time on creating new content instead of keyword research, competitor research, content gap analyses? Check out this new feature in KeyWI.

Sam van Houten
August 8, 2022
2 min read

If you work at a small or medium sized business, you know how little time there is in a single week. Especially if you are working in a small marketing team, or you are the team. Small or solo teams often find themselves spending a lot of time researching what digital marketing tasks are most important. Questions like, what to write content about, when to create a new blog, how is my client searching for me, need answers. We know these questions are not easy to tackle. However, they also leave little time to actually become creative. For these digital marketing heroes KeyWI creates tools to make life easier. Especially this new feature we are about to announce: Weekly new content suggestions.

In this post you will find out:

  1. What are weekly content suggestions?
  2. How can I access weekly content suggestions?

What are weekly content suggestions?

KeyWI has a new feature that will blow your mind. Receive weekly content suggestions and start writing right away. Don't spend hours on creating content calendars or thinking about what to write about this week. While onboarding KeyWI you will answer a few questions and connect your web performance data. These data points will help KeyWI understand what your website is all about and how your clients are currently finding you. Next, KeyWI finds new opportunities by doing keyword research, competitor analyses and content gap analyses for you. Yep, thats right without you spending any time on this.

KeyWI's new content suggestions feature
KeyWI's new content suggestions feature

How can I access weekly content suggestions?

Ready to learn how these content suggestions can help you out? It's really easy, the only thing you need to do is follow these 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for a 14 day free KeyWI trial
  2. Connect your Search Console, Google Ads, and Analytics (optional).
  3. Let us know which keywords are (ir)relevant
  4. Start receiving weekly content advice

Get started right away!

Ready to try this new feature out? Don't worry, there are no costs involved. Just schedule a demo and start your free 14 day trial. Save time in research, start creating!

Need any help? Let us know via the chat!

Sam van Houten co-founder KeyWI
Sam van Houten

Sam van Houten is Co-Founder of KeyWI, has an educational background in data science and is always eager to learn new stuff. Together with the KeyWI team he has been busy developing SEO software and understanding how to use code to automate and smarten SEO tasks.

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