How to analyse search marketing performance?

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Donald Martens
May 24, 2022
4 min read

In this article we will discuss how to analyse the results in KeyWI. In KeyWI, there is an Analytics section where you can see the performance of your website. But what kind of statistics are you looking at? And why are these insights important for your organisation? By discussing the topics below you will get answers to these questions:

  1. Where does KeyWI extract the insights from?
  2. What insights do you get from KeyWI Analytics?
  3. What does the Analytics roadmap look like?

Where does KeyWI extract the insights from?

At the start of integrating your website KeyWI asks to link with three data sources. By integrating with Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Ads, KeyWI can generate tasks. To generate those tasks KeyWI looks at your web performance data. This data is important as it contains search- and visitor behaviour. Which is used to determine the next actions for the growth of your website and business. KeyWI ensures that data from all three data sources comes together in one place. Both you as user and KeyWI benefit from centralising these data points. A so-called 'single point of truth' is created where all data flows come together. 

The advantages of a single point of truth are:

  1. One data source is more reliable than three separate ones
  2. Full overview of your website's progress
  3. Goals are easier to set and track
  4. Time can be easily saved

What insights do you get from KeyWI Analytics?

As soon as you have logged in, you can see the progress of the most important keywords for your domain. For these keywords your domain is ranking between positions 1 to 20. Why do we think it is so important to highlight these groups of keywords rather than a general average rank score? These keywords are the drivers of organic traffic to your website. In addition, keywords which are irrelevant to you can stille be included in the average rank score of your website in search console. Therefore, at KeyWI we prefer counting the amount of keywords in the top positions. All data in KeyWI is filtered based on the location you provided during onboarding.

The first 5 results get 68% of all clicks from a search query. Search results on the second page get 0.78% of all clicks. As you can see, reaching the first page is extremely important to reach your target audience. But it’s also important to monitor how close you are to reaching the first page for creating new goals.

Insights on the homepage

The data measured is the past month vs. the month before. For example: growth June vs. May. Below is another example of the overview of Monthly rank positions:

Screenshot of keyword position graph in KeyWI
Screenshot of keywords position graphs in KeyWI

Keywords in top 3

The number of keywords your domain is ranking for in the top 3 of Google. For a total of 7 out of 641 keywords you are in the top 3. The number of times you rank for keywords in the top 3 of Google has grown by 250% compared to the previous month.

Keywords ranking 4-10

The number of keywords your domain is ranking for between positions 4 to 10 in Google. In total 23 of the 641 keywords show your domain in the result page between positions 4 and 10. The number of keywords you rank for in these positions has grown by 21% compared to the previous period. The first page of Google has 10 organic positions. This doesn’t include advertising results via Google Ads.

Keywords ranking 11-20

The number of keywords your domain ranks for between positions 11 and 20 in Google. These results are on the second page of Google. For 17 of the 642 keywords your domain ranks in positions between 11 and 20. The number times you rank for keywords in these positions has grown by 89% compared to the previous period. 

Analytics Insights

At the top of the KeyWI Analytics page you have a number of options to analyse results by keyword, page, competitor or total overview. We will start with the Keywords overview. Later on more information will be added in this article about the other pages.

First of all, you have insight into the performance of keywords per position group again. You can also see how many keywords are in positions above 20 (from page 3) and how many favourites you have added. You can quickly see at which position (ranking) keywords are located in order to be quick on your feet when creating new goals.

Screenshot of keyword analytics in KeyWI
Screenshot of keyword analytics in KeyWI

Mark keywords as favourite with a star

By marking keywords as favourite with a star you tell KeyWI that a keyword is important to you. All favourite keywords are placed in a clear overview, so you always have direct access to the latest keyword updates. KeyWI's algorithm learns from this action too and will be able to suggest better tasks for you to grow at over time. By marking keywords with a star, you tell KeyWI that these keywords are core to your business and your target audience.

Marking Keywords as Irrelevant

By marking keywords as Irrelevant you tell KeyWI if a keyword is unimportant to you. When you mark a keyword as irrelevant, KeyWI learns from that and in time you will get other tasks without irrelevant keywords or related keywords. It’s important to give feedback to KeyWI, because your website will benefit from these learnings.

Screenshot of keyword analytics in KeyWI
Screenshot of keyword analytics in KeyWI

Meaning of metrics

  • Avg. rank: the position of the keyword in Google
  • %: growth compared to the previous period
  • Impressions: how many times a URL of your website has been seen by a user in Google
  • Clicks: how many times a user has clicked to get to your website
  • CTR: click-through-rate. The percentage of impressions vs. clicks.

What does the Analytics roadmap look like?

In a few weeks we will provide a broader understanding of not only keywords, but also about your pages, the competition and an overall performance overview.

What to expect in the near future:

  • Optimisation of Keywords
  • Distribution of keyword performance
  • Optimisation of Pages
  • Performance over time graphs
  • Page views
  • Time on page
  • Pages valid
  • Pages with errors
  • Pages not indexed


  • Traffic vs. Competitors chart
  • Average traffic
  • Average competitor traffic
  • Total search volume
  • Visibility %


  • Sessions per channel graph
  • Sessions
  • New visitors
  • Returning visitors
  • CTR
  • Conversions
  • Channels

Do you have questions or an idea on how to make KeyWI even better? Then contact us by chatting or sending a message here. 

Donald Martens founder of keywi
Donald Martens

Donald Martens is Co-Founder of KeyWI and has a background in digital marketing and sales in the fashion industry. While working on sales he often dives into digital marketing subjects just for fun.

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