How to analyse search marketing performance?

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Sam van Houten
May 24, 2022
6 min read

In this article we will explain how to analyse your SEO performance in KeyWI. In the KeyWI app there is an Analytics section where you can see the performance of your website. But what kind of statistics are you looking at? And why are these insights important for your organisation? By discussing the topics below you will get answers to these questions:

  1. How does KeyWI extract my insights?
  2. Which insights do you get from KeyWI Analytics?
  3. Keyword insights
  4. Page insights
  5. Topic insights
  6. Competitor insights

How does KeyWI extract my insights?

At the start of integrating your website, KeyWI asks to link with one data sources. By integrating with Google Search Console KeyWI can generate weekly recommendations. To generate such improvement tasks KeyWI looks at your web performance data. This data is important as it contains search- and visitor behaviour. KeyWI uses this data to determine the next actions for the growth of your website and business.

KeyWI ensures that data from multiple data sources come together in one place. A so-called 'single point of truth' is created where all data flows come together. Every day KeyWI extracts fresh data from Google Search Console to learn how people search for your website.

The advantages of a single point of truth are:

  1. More reliable, working with one point of truth
  2. Full overview of your website's performance
  3. Goals are easier to set and track
  4. Time can be easily saved

Which insights do you get from KeyWI Analytics??

There are two ways within KeyWI to find insights: on the homepage and through analytics. On the homepage, you get quick insights into keyword-level results and see how your tasks are doing. In analytics, you get insights into four categories of insights:

  1. Keyword insights
  2. ‚ÄćPage insights
  3. Topic insights
  4. Competitor insights

This removes the need to continuously track Search Console. Besides search console KeyWI adds multiple data sources about your domain, keywords and competitors. Giving you a complete and central dashboard for SEO. For each category, we will tell you what you can learn in KeyWI analytics. Good to keep in mind is KeyWI filters all data on the location you set during onboarding.

Keyword insights

Someone finds your website in Google when entering a keyword, also called a search term, when your website ranks at the top. KeyWI shows for how many keywords you are in the top 20 and which rank 20+. Why we believe it's more important to focus on these keywords and not on a single overall domain score, such as the average of all keywords? The keywords in the top 20 are the drivers of organic traffic to your website. In addition, your domain sometimes ranks for irrelevant keywords, and this significantly reduces your average score making it less accurate.

Below you can see KeyWI's SEO keyword dashboard. In addition to the amount of keywords you have in the top 1-20 and 20+, KeyWI also shows the distribution over time. This allows quickly you to see how fast you're growing month over month. You can also view the following insights for each keyword:

  1. Avg. rank: average rank if your domain on this single keyword
  2. Impressions: the amount of times your domain is shown in the search results for this single keyword
  3. Clicks: the amount of times people clicked on your domain in the search results for this single keyword
  4. CTR: the percentage of clicks vs. impressions for your domain for this single keyword (click through rate)
Screenshot of KeyWI's keyword insights
Screenshot of KeyWI's keyword insights

Another feature on this page is, that you're able to add keywords to your favourites. This adds them to the upper table so you don't need to search for them any longer and have instant statistics for your most important keywords. Want to learn how you can start analysing your keyword performance in KeyWI? Read about it here.

Insights on the homepage

For keywords there is one more graph on the homepage to quickly show how you are performing. The data measured this month is compared to the previous month. For example, the growth of june vs may. Below you see an example of such graph containing the monthly rank positions.

Screenshot of keyword positions in KeyWI
Screenshot of keyword positions in KeyWI


Keywords in top positions

The number of keywords your domain ranks for in the top 3 of Google is shown. In this example, 7/641 keywords are in the top 3. This number of keywords has grown with 250% vs. last month. Once again, all data in KeyWI is filtered based on the location you set in the onboarding. In the next two bars you see the keywords in the top 4-10 and 11-20.

Page insights

In addition to keyword SEO insights you also want to understand how your pages are performing. Most pages are shown in the search result for multiple similar keywords. When you optimise your page for a cluster of similar keywords you will gain traffic to that page from similar searches. In the KeyWI dashboard you will find an overview of your pages but also SEO statistics for each individual page.

Screenshot of KeyWI's page insights dashboard
Screenshot of KeyWI's page insights

In the screenshot above you see the page insights dashboard within KeyWI. Here you will find how your pages are performing over time and compared to each other. This way you will understand faster if your new page is outperforming existing pages when they were just published. You will get a quicker understanding of your new page's potential.

Besides the usual metrics like Avg. rank, Impressions, Clicks & CTR, you also learn if there is an issue with one of your live pages. For example if the:

  1. Page is not indexed
  2. Page is not in your sitemap
  3. Page leads to a 404 error
  4. etc.

Faster understanding of what issues are live in your website and how to solve them. By clicking on a single page within this dashboard you will learn about the existing issues. Another interesting SEO insight you will see there is for which keywords your page is ranking in the top results. Below you see an example of such insight for a single page. Want to start analysing your pages' performances within KeyWI? Read how to get started here.

Screenshot of KeyWI's single page insights
Screenshot of KeyWI's page specific statistics

Topic insights

Keyword and page analytics are interesting, but when you need to understand your SEO performance in the bigger picture you should check out topic insights. Don't you want to know how your domain is dominating a specific topic? Then start analysing keyword groups in KeyWI. When you try to do such analyses in Search Console it's a matter of manual efforts every single time.

Screenshot KeyWI of topic insights
Screenshot of KeyWI's topic analytics

In KeyWI you simply create a label and attach it to the keyword group you are interested in. Directly start understanding your performance on a topical level. Want to know how to get started? Give each topic a label in KeyWI analytics and start understanding how much organic traffic is flowing to your website. You'll see where to start creating new content instantly.

Competitor insights

Stay up to date with your competitors' SEO performance thanks to KeyWI's competitor insights. Learn how your competition is performing and where your opportunities lie. Below you see an example of KeyWI's SEO competitor analysis. Read more about getting competitor insights for SEO here.

Screenshot of KeyWI's competitor insights
Screenshot of KeyWI's competitor insights

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Sam van Houten co-founder KeyWI
Sam van Houten

Sam van Houten is Co-Founder of KeyWI, has an educational background in data science and is always eager to learn new stuff. Together with the KeyWI team he has been busy developing SEO software and understanding how to use code to automate and smarten SEO tasks.

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