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Why we do this and who we are. Two valid questions we will answer below. Eager to learn more about us?

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Why we built KeyWI?

As a data science team we were asked to create a solution for the dull and tedious work known as keyword research. We believe something good should be shared and that's why we started building KeyWI. Our goal is to make data accessible to anyone, not only to people who are able to code. We see a lot of SEO experts working with enormous amounts of data in an old fashioned style, building automated sheets with formulas and regular expressions.

The era we live in currently offers so much more sophistication and that is why we continuously extend the limits of our service. KeyWI is a data driven software product for online marketeers who are now able to make use of multiple trained machine learning algorithms and ai-models.

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Who built KeyWI?

Our company was founded by the Syntactics Group. An organisation that believes in data first solutions. At first we were a data-science consultancy firm with the mission to make data solutions accessible to more people. Together with several online marketing agencies we iterated and built the current version of KeyWI. We look forward to partnering up with more agencies and in-house teams to keep improving the tool.

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