Save up to 40 hours per keyword research.

Spend your valuable time on making impact for your client with KeyWI. No more manual guesswork in your SEO analyses, become data-driven.

A tool using SERP data to cluster keywords, looks like a robot.

SEO research without manual work for teams & individuals

Understand the search engine's view on your SEO project in minutes by anyone.

A curious marketeer, thinking about seo

Curious Marketeers

Waste no time on analysing keyword sets, create value directly.

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A group of busy professionals, three people working

Busy Professionals

Finish more projects in less time, with a higher quality.

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Ambitious Agency

Share insights across the organisation and analyse faster & more.

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How you can use KeyWI?

Wondering how this works, right? Let a search engine decide the next most relevant topics for your content in three easy steps.

A keyword list drawing with background

1. Create a long list of keywords

Use high level topics to create an extensive list of keywords.

A flowchart of keyword clustering with background

2. Let KeyWI do its speedy magic

KeyWI groups keywords and shows relevance based on Search Engine logic.

A to do list for content creation

3. Start creating your online content

Use our ai-driven output, based on search volume, intent and relevance.

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An illustration of a large keyword clustering by

Understand how to build a logical site structure

No more trial and error, intuition or guesses. We utilise reverse-engineering to understand how search engines match search and results, leading to creating the best website structures.

Create on-page content suggested by search engines

Find optimal keyword clusters to improve your page ranking. Start writing on-page content based on search engine logic. Generate data-driven website content without trial & error. Interested?

A content task that is marked done

Search scientists love KeyWI

Some of our clients want to let you know how much they love KeyWI.

Robin Visser foto
Founding Partner
Digital Monks

"KeyWI gives us the flexibility to produce more content for our clients"

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Head of Analytics

"Lorem ipsum dolor la al alalalala"

Tom van Pinxteren foto
Head of SEO

"No keyword research leaves our agency without using KeyWI. Customers are growing faster due to data-driven insights & increased efficiency."

Niels hoogeveen foto
Managing Director

"Illo quidem et quibusdam est possimus omnis et voluptate."

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