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Work on your visibility, let KeyWI guide you in content.

Guidance in the form of useful content marketing features

Create and optimise content that drives business growth

Automated keyword research by keywi

Continuous automated SEO research

Gain knowledge through continuous keywords research, competitor- and trends analyses.

Instant content ideas and pre-filled briefings

Waste no time on research pick from our tailored list of top opportunities.

New content ideas and improvement suggestions by keywi

Write faster & SEO proof with our GPT content editor

No more blank page. Receive guidance while creating your content in our editor.

AI content editor for seo keywi

Measure your return on content performance

Learn which content is performing well and which needs improvements in a dashboard.

Analyse content performance in keywi dashboard
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FinTech Entrepreneur

"We used to have a dedicated copywriter, but now anyone can create SEO proof content."

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Head of SEO

“New insights, backed by hard data, this is very valuable.”

Gijs Founder of Sumting

"With KeyWI our content creation and online marketing was kickstarted. It saves us a lot of time and research effort. Definitely recommend this tool."

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Head of SEO/SEA

''KeyWI has an intelligent technical approach of semantic clustering & intention detection. It's an important tool for us in our keywords studies process"

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Want to scale your business with 20 content pieces a month? Invite your team and start the content engine.
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